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Lead Minister Ryan Hart

Pastor Ryan is a wide-eyed dreamer, a kindhearted listener and a professional troublemaker. After 15 years as a youth and children’s minister, and eventually as an associate pastor, Ryan started Open Cathedral. “I was tired of church sucking. God’s message is thrilling; it changes lives and transforms the world. Church should, too!”

As Lead Minister at Open Cathedral, Ryan’s describes his role this way: “I listen and I say YES, whenever possible.” Ryan is thrilled to meet with ANYONE. No judgment. No pressure. Open Cathedral is led by friendly, passionate, loving everyday people who want to love EVERYONE. People come to me all the time to say, ‘Can we try this…?’ I love I get to say YES and be their supporter.”

With a smile and a clarity of purpose, Ryan says, “I’m a professional troublemaker.” Jesus invites us to love God and love EVERYONE. The church must stand up against oppression, sexism and homophobia. God’s message is that love leads the way. “With the help of the Spirit, we will do nothing less than change the world.”

Ryan is married to Virginia Hart and they have three kids, Catherine, Jackson and Ryan. Pastor Ryan is an ordained minister in the UNITED CHURCH of Christ, a progressive Christian movement. Contact Ryan

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