About Open Cathedral




We believe in community, not conformity.  We cherish our differences and celebrate our unity.  We are straight, gay, white, black, cis, trans, young and old. We are able bodied and we are people who have ability differences.  We are loved for who we are.

At our core, we care about people, we care about individuals, we care about you, not rules, big institutions or money.  Just the same way Jesus cares about you.

OPEN MINDS.  We approach our faith, Jesus and all things with open minds.  Science, music, technology, the Bible, history, art, prayer, our own lives help us understand God and each other.  

OPEN HEARTS.  We believe God loves the world.  God deeply loves you, right now, just the way you are.  SO DO WE!  Jesus shows us how to love, protect, trust and challenge each other.  Not just accept or tolerate, but we should LOVE each other.

OPEN FAITH.  We put our beliefs into action.  We are not better.  We are partners in spreading equality and love in our community.  We stand up for women and girls, LGBT bodies, black lives and people with ability differences.  We listen and serve in community.