Open Cathedral

A Progressive Christian Church      UNITED CHURCH of Christ

Open Minds, Hearts and Faith      Jesus Loves EVERYONE  So do we    

A new church startup in Leander, Texas.


Who We Are

Equal and diverse

We believe in community, not conformity.  We cherish our differences and celebrate our unity.  We are straight, gay, white, black, cis, trans, young and old. We are able bodied and we are people who have ability differences.  We are loved for who we are.


Walter Muse

Walter is a longtime resident of the Austin area.  He has served on a church board in the past and has leadership experience with helping run a church. Walter is a former vice president of the NAACP Austin Chapter and is a lawyer for the Texas Department of Transportation.  Walter is so happy to be a part of a church where people are so friendly and welcoming.


Molly and John Bucy

Molly is a lifelong resident of Williamson County.  As the community service chair for the Western Williamson County Democratic Party Club, Molly knows well the needs of this community. 

John is a proud native of northwest Austin.  He is a successful business owner serving 90,000 public charter school students throughout the state of Texas including schools in Williamson County and Leander.  His company, the Texas Charter School Academic and Athletic League, provides organized extracurricular art, academic and athletic competition leagues to public charter schools throughout Texas.  John is Party Chair of the Western Williamson County Democratic Party and was the Democratic nominee for the Texas House of Representatives in district 136 consisting of northwest Austin, Cedar Park and Leander.  John is delighted that his extensive connections in the community have helped build Open Cathedral.

Photo by oksix/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by oksix/iStock / Getty Images



At our core, we care about people, we care about individuals, we care about you, not rules, big institutions or money.  Just the same way Jesus cares about you.

OPEN MINDS.  We approach our faith, Jesus and all things with open minds.  Science, music, technology, the Bible, history, art, prayer, our own lives help us understand God and each other.  

OPEN HEARTS.  We believe God loves the world.  God deeply loves you, right now, just the way you are.  SO DO WE!  Jesus shows us how to love, protect, trust and challenge each other.  Not just accept or tolerate, but we should LOVE each other.

OPEN FAITH.  We put our beliefs into action.  We are not better.  We are partners in spreading equality and love in our community.  We stand up for women and girls, LGBT bodies, black lives and people with ability differences.  We listen and serve in community.

WOrship & Events

Photo by baona/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by baona/iStock / Getty Images

Worship Service

Our first church service is being planned for Christmas Eve, 2016.  We will begin regular Sunday morning worship at 10am on January 8, 2017.  We would love to have you join us Christmas Eve and Sunday morning.  We have reserved a wonderful location to hold worship and we hope to be able to announce it very soon.

Our worship services are relevant to real life, inspirational, full of hope and fearless in challenging us to live out our faith.  Church is not boring.  Our band integrates "secular" music and inspirational hymns because sometimes we need church to connect to our lives and sometimes we need it to remind us of the eternal.


We have regular events that are fun, build community and allow us to serve in partnerships in our community.  Backyard cookouts, minor league hockey games, Topgolf, serving at the food bank, educational opportunities and more, we are an active community of faith.  Subscribe to our email list at the bottom or follow us on social media to find out more about our events.



Reverend Ryan Hart has worked in professional ministry since 2002.  He went to Southern Methodist University, in Dallas, for his undergraduate degree in Religious Studies.  Ryan is an ordained minister in the UNITED CHURCH of Christ, a progressive Christian denomination.  He has an MA in Religion and in American Politics from Claremont Graduate University.  He has taken numerous continuing education courses in Christian Ethics, Christian Formation, UCC History and Polity, and Church Planting.

In addition to being a pastor, Ryan is a political scientist, focusing on civil liberties and religious exercise.  Ryan coauthored an academic article in Studies in American Political Development titled, “Vote Dilution and Suppression in Indian Country.”   Ryan is married to Virginia Hart and together they have three children, Catherine, Jackson and Ryan Jr.

Ryan loves spending time with his family.  He likes playing catch in the front yard, going camping and craft beer.  Ryan and the whole Hart family love going to National Parks and being outdoors whenever possible.


Location & Contact

Open Cathedral is located in Leander, Texas, just north of Cedar Park and Austin on 183.  Open Cathedral is a new church startup.  We meet throughout our community.  We have events at restaurants, cookouts in backyards, outings to sporting events and more.  We do not yet own a building but we will begin worshiping soon in a rented space in our community.  A really wonderful worship location is in the works.


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